Tampa Bay Times - October 16, 2015

"Bradford, 16, Ryo, 14, and Falcon, 12 — mill the set they all built, a bar and a wall and a video screen. Richard Heene is the author and director of American Chilly, a "rockestra" musical performed by the Heene Boyz, billed as the "world's youngest heavy metal band." It premieres Wednesday at the Mahaffey Theater in St. Petersburg.

...the kids are capable musicians.

It (Falcon's voice) is a haunting wail, bell clear and with an unforced vibrato."

                                                  - by Andrew Meacham, Tampa Bay Times

CNN - July 6, 2015

..."American Chilly," their "rockestra."

Richard unwittingly kick-started this project in 1999 with a script about a man, Morgen Enright, who inherits a desert gas station that doubles as a restaurant and hotel. All are cursed because one of his ancestors killed Native Americans after consuming the hallucinogen peyote. Enright loses his mind after taking peyote, setting off a gross and grisly escapade involving laxative-laced chili, "serpent monsters" hiding in toilets, and so on.

They dream of taking "American Chilly" to Broadway. Richard calls it a mix of "Rocky Horror Picture Show" and "Rock of Ages."

- by Greg Botelho, CNN


The family, who had appeared on two episodes of Wife Swap… and would later appear on CNN and Today, have now moved across the country to pursue a heavy metal career ...”    

 - by Sophie Schillaci, Hollywood Reporter


"The Heene Boyz's live set is a well-rehearsed feat of metal-god pageantry:"                                                                                                        - by Camille Dodero, Gawker 

"...you definitely gotta check that shit out."

- by Jay Stephens, The Village Voice

"These kids can rock and are especially tight.."

- by Ivan Solotaroff,  Details Magazine

"Something New..You might have a hit on your hands."

- by Jay Thomas, Howard 101Sirius XM

"..there’s a genuine touch of Bruce Dickinson’s wail in young Falcon’s pipes."

- by Tampa Bay Soundcheck


"The Heene Boyz music is certainly heavy, both in sound and themes as the video below for 'Chasing Tornadoes' and 'Again' clearly show."

- by Mail Online, UK